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HIPs - Handshake Improvement Proposals

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What is a HIP?

A Handshake Improvement Proposal is a technical document that attempts to standardize a feature or protocol extension across the Handshake ecosystem. It should be implementation-agnostic. If you would like to propose a specific change to hsd or hnsd, open an issue or pull request in the appropriate repository. HIPs are not consensus, they are not law, they may never be actually implemented in production. HIPs are just solutions to common problems that the Handshake developer community can use as reference in their own projects. They may change over time, or be replaced with newer HIPs.

How to submit a HIP

It’s best to discuss with other developers familiar with the project before writing a proposal. There is a HNS Developer Channel on Telegram and #handshake on IRC.

HIPs may be submitted by opening a pull request to this repository with a format resembling HIP-0000. Please do not assign yourself a HIP number, just use the placeholder HIP-xxxx where applicable.

If the proposal is well-formatted it may be assigned a HIP number by a project maintainer. The author will then be expected to revise the pull request with this number, along with any other comments about the proposal itself, before being merged.

Existing proposals

The updated list of proposals are available here.

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